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Perkie's Observations: Brook Lynn Finds Trouble at The Rib on General Hospital

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Brook Lynn Quartermaine, General Hospital

Amanda Setton

Ned tells Tracy and Brook Lynn there is a shareholder's meeting to decide what to do with Oscar's shares. Brook Lynn announces she changed her last name to Quartermaine. Tracy wonders why.

Michael says to Brook Lynn that he saw she will be singing at The Rib tonight. Brook Lynn thinks she can sing under her new name, but Michael says changing her name doesn't void her contract with her manager.

Michael mentions that he's going to Shiloh's memorial. He says he's going in support of Kristina and Willow. After he leaves, Tracy complains to Ned, who wonders why she's suddenly so interested in ELQ. Ned believes Tracy is making another play for the company, but she says someone else is interested. 

Alexis is not happy to hear Sam on the phone with Jason. She reminds Sam they need to be careful. Sam is equally determined not to cut Jason out completely. Sam says they have a deal with Robert to reduce her parole for a bigger get. Alexis is curious who Sam can offer up, but she's not talking.

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Neil pays Alexis a visit and tells her that he's losing his medical license because of her. 

Maxie complains to Peter about Nina, but he's distracted and heads out. Maxie's thrilled when Spinelli and Georgie show up. Spinelli says he's in town with Ellie, who has a job interview. Spinelli says it's possible they'll move back to the area. 

Franco and Liz enjoy a night out, and Jason runs into them. Franco mentions their bonding while he was Drew, but Jason isn't playing nice. Peter happens by, so Franco lays it on thick about being his hero. Peter refuses the accolades. 

Robert stops by Anna's to ask if she's found a connection between Peter and the gunman. Anna denies finding anything in the files. Robert warns her something is coming down on Peter and she should get out of the way when it does. 

Lulu updates Dustin on everything that's happened lately. Since her kids are occupied, Lulu wants their date to continue at Dustin's. Brook Lynn accidentally drops a drink on Lulu and the two bitch at each other for a minute.

Brook Lynn gets ready to sing when her manager shows up and tells her she'll be in breach of her contract if she does. The manager manhandles Brook Lynn, who then punches him in the face. The manager grabs Brook Lynn, so Lulu and Dustin come to the rescue. Brook Lynn and Dustin recognize each other.