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The Young and the Restless' Josh Griffith Teases the "Dark Path" Ahead of Billy Abbott

Jason Thompson

The Young and the Restless' head writer, Josh Griffith, is planning to take Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) down a dark road. After battling mental health issues and his continuing problems with Adam Newman (Mark Grossman), Billy has neglected his relationship with Adam's half-sister, Victoria (Amelia Heinle), while bonding with newcomer Amanda (Mishael Morgan).

Griffith told Soap Opera Digest that, while he'd written Billy to have come through the other side, Jason Thompson's acting made him want to explore it further. He shared:

I saw such phenomenal work from Jason Thompson [Billy] that I said, 'There's gotta be more. Let's go deeper. Let's go farther back.' We covered the Adam/Delia stuff, but I wanted to go into the heart and soul of who Billy is and why he's this way. How much of his bad behavior and mistakes and foolishness is coming out of the fact that everyone expects it and judges him because of it?

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And what about Billy's friendship with Amanda? Could there be something more between the Abbott heir and the mysterious lawyer? Griffith said:

She was new in town. She just went through all this crap with the will and everybody thought she was a part of it, but she was just there to do her job. And here was a guy that was also going through all kinds of confusion about his place and the way people looked at him. They were kind of in the same space when they met at the dive bar[...]The two strangers find they have this connection; it's not a romantic connection, it's platonic, but they're really able to open up to each other and help each other get through this.

The latest issue of SOD is on stands now.