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Perkie's Observations: A Black Widow Appears at Shiloh's Memorial on General Hospital

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Neil explains that a therapist has to wait two years to date a former patient and someone complained about their brief date. Neil says he's facing a disciplinary hearing. Alexis is certain she can find a loophole.

Neil wants to say to heck with everything and explore what the two have between them. Alexis doesn't want his career on her conscience. She also doesn't want him to look back with regret. Neil decides they shouldn't see each other until after the hearing, though he wishes it were different. (Is this the end of NAlexis? Because it would make me sad if it were.)

Laura wants to talk to Jordan about revitalizing the waterfront. Jordan wants to talk about Nikolas' return from the dead and the outstanding allegations against him. Jordan points out that Nikolas faked his death and framed Drew, but since it's a cold case and Drew is gone, they're not moving forward with it. 

Tracy explains to Ned that Luke got himself into trouble and whoever was involved offered to help him out in exchange for Dillon's shares in ELQ. She says she turned them down.

Dustin warns Linc to leave Brook Lynn alone. Lulu accuses him of assaulting Brook Lynn and they will file a police report. Brook Lynn decides she's going to put on her show anyway. Linc says her contract is still in force and she owes him three records. 

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Lulu says Brook Lynn will sue for sexual harassment. Linc makes a derogatory comment about Brook Lynn, so Dustin starts to fight him. Lulu and Brook Lynn jump into the fray. Chase and some officers show up, and Brook Lynn accidentally knocks Chase in the head with a beer bottle. All four are taken down to the station. 

Stella's in town for a brief visit. Curtis tells her about Jordan's friend's death and how hard she's taking it At the station, Jordan worries that she might have known what was going on if she had kept in touch. Stella says addicts are good at hiding the truth and her concerns won't bring her friend back.

Laura heads to the Quartermaines to discuss her waterfront revitalization project with Ned. She wants ELQ's partnership. Ned reminds her that it was his mayoral platform and she opposed it at the time. Laura says she's targeting the piers. Ned reminds her that is where those on the wrong side of the law do their dealings.

Tracy points out that it's Sonny's territory for his cargo. Ned says Michael might not want ELQ involved since it will shed light on Sonny's business. Ned and Laura get a call from the PCPD and head out.

Willow, Michael, and Jason head to Shiloh's memorial where they are joined by Harmony. Jason says he's there to see if the person who broke Shiloh out of prison will show up. 

Daisy stands and eulogizes Shiloh and sings his praises. Willow stands up and discusses how Shiloh preyed on troubled, vulnerable people. She's says he's gone, but they're still standing.

A woman in a black veil stands up and says she and Shiloh shared a special bond. The woman removes the veil to reveal . . . Nelle! Nelle says Shiloh was her husband. Duh duh duh! (I absolutely adore Chloe Lanier. I recognized her voice before she removed the veil, but I still giggled like a nut when her face appeared with that smile on her face as she made the announcement.)