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Wendy Williams Fires Back After Howard Stern Criticizes Timing of Her Radio Honor

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams isn't taking a few choice words from Howard Stern sitting down. The radio personality-turned-talk show host fired back when Stern criticized the fact that she had been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame before he had.

As People noted, Stern was discussing the fact that Williams entered the Hall of Fame in 2011, while Stern was inducted in 2012. He quipped on his SiriusXM show:

No offense to Wendy Williams, but they put Wendy Williams in before me.

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Williams took to her eponymous daytime vehicle to respond. She replied:

Now you looky here Howard, I’m tired of fighting with you, man. Why do you always have to fight with me? Because you think I’m the low-lying fruit? Why? … Why are you and I always fighting? I wasn’t fighting with you, I’m minding my own business, trying to watch The Bachelor.

She added:

Don’t hate on me because I got in before you. I know the only reason I got in is that I had a new talk show. I went from radio, successful, to TV with my own show. You haven’t done that. …. Howard, all I am saying is, keep your hundreds of thousands of dollars, your beautiful wife Beth, all of those animals that you will rescue and be happy, man. And stop hating on me. Because I don’t hate you!

The two hosts have waged wars of words before, most recently in May 2019.