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Cameron Mathison Reflects on  All My Children Challenges, Relationship with Fans

Cameron Mathison

Amidst a renal cancer battle and recovery, Home and Family host Cameron Mathison (ex-Ryan, All My Children) is expressing gratitude for his health, family, and career success. H mused on the challenges of filming a dialogue-heavy soap opera for many years and the importance of his fans in a chat with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos.

Looking back at AMC, Mathison marveled at the demanding schedule of filming dozens of pages of dialogue every day. He recalled:

Initially, it was hard. I just became pretty good at memorizing and I had a few little tricks and techniques that I would use to help get the words in for me. It's amazing what you can do. You end up rising to the occasion. It's remarkable.

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Mathison credited his legions of fans from soaps and other gigs for so much support over the year. He noted:

Everything that I have accomplished in my career is because of the fans. If they weren't supporting me, writing letters and sending emails, I wouldn't be doing any of these things. The fans have been with me when I got married, when my kids were born, and through my cancer struggle. Their immediate feedback and support have given me so many opportunities. I literally feel like my fans are extended family to me. I feel so close to them and so grateful to them. 

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