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Perkie's Observations: The Q's Shareholder Meeting Kicks Off on General Hospital

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Chad Duell, Jane Elliot, Wally Kurth, Lisa LoCicero, Amanda Setton, Chloe Lanier

Chad Duell, Jane Elliot, Wally Kurth, Lisa LoCicero, Amanda Setton, Chloe Lanier

Nelle says she's a free woman and she's behind the memorial invitations. She claims Daisy was a witness to the jailhouse wedding to Shiloh. Michael wonders why she was released. Nelle says she risked her life to stop Ryan from escaping and was released because of it. 

Nelle asks about Wiley because it's her responsibility as Shiloh's widow. Willow says Brucas are his legal parents. Everyone warns Nelle to back off. 

Laura and Ned get to the station to get Lulu and Brook Lynn's side of the story. Brook Lynn swears she was only defending herself and hitting Chase was an accident. She wants Ned to use the Quartermaine name to get her out of trouble. Chase releases both Lulu and Brook Lynn, though she has to reimburse Mac for the damage to The Rib.

Olivia and Tracy prepare for the shareholders meeting. Olivia thinks Tracy wants to force Michael out as CEO. 

Ava wants Nikolas to sign the postnuptial agreement, but he claims he wants his lawyer to take a look at it. Nikolas is certain they'll go their separate ways after he gets the codicil, but Ava says he's not getting it until she gets what she wants. 

Carly asks Stella to come by and talk some sense into Sonny. Stella says while the New York clinical trial sounds promising, Mike is deteriorating too quickly. Sonny is determined to make a move, saying it's better than doing nothing. 

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Stella wonders what Sonny thinks the trial will do for Mike. Sonny wants more time even though Stella says it may not work. He knows it's a long shot, but he's willing to take the risk. 

Chase shows up at the memorial and confirms that Nelle was released and her marriage to Shiloh is legit. Michael wonders what's in it for Nelle. 

Willow tells Chase she's helping out with Wiley. Chase wonders if she'll be able to walk away when the time comes. Willow promises she will. 

Jason heads to Carly to blab that Nelle is out of prison and Shiloh's widow. Carly wonders what Shiloh had that Nelle wanted. 

Lulu wants to know how Dustin and Brook Lynn know each other. He explains how they briefly dated before Brook Lynn dumped him. He swears he has no interest in her anymore. 

Laura asks Nikolas about Spencer. Nikolas says he's flying over tonight. Ava says she's going with him. Nikolas says it's not her place, but Ava says she likes Spencer and needs to atone for her behavior. Laura reminds them both this is about Spencer and not about absolving themselves. 

At the shareholders meeting, Ned brings up Oscar's shares. Michael says they were left to Shiloh, but Ned counters they reverted back to the family when he died. Ned wants them to go to Olivia and Leo, which Tracy agrees with. Michael's fine with that, though Brook Lynn warns they're making a play against him. Michael says he trusts Olivia.

Nelle arrives and questions why the started the meeting without her.