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Perkie's Observations: Julian Reminds Brad He's on HIS Short Leash on General Hospital

William deVry, Parry Shen

William deVry, Parry Shen

Michael claims that Nelle is trespassing and violating her parole. Martin arrives and says Nelle has a legal right to be there. He explains that Nelle, as Shiloh's widow, has inherited his shares. Ned says the matter is still in probate, but Martin says he has a temporary injunction to allow Nelle to vote until the court decides. 

ELQ lawyer Pascal explains that Edward had a provision in his will for all his heirs. Once Oscar was proven to be an heir, he was given 5%. Pascal explains there are two wills, the first giving Shiloh the shares and the second starting the nonprofit fund. Pascal says the shares got transferred back upon Shiloh's death. Martin says the first will transfers them to Nelle and she should be allowed to vote with them. 

Michael offers Nelle money to walk away, but she turns it down. She says she worked hard to get to where she is and she's not giving it up. Brook Lynn accuses Nelle of being a gold digger and that greed will get the best of her. 

Carly tells Jason that she asked Stella to talk to Sonny about Mike's future. Sonny comes in and says he's decided to take Mike for an evaluation. He wants Jason to go with them so they can call a meeting of the families while they're there.

Carly doesn't think he should mix business with this trip since Mike will need all of Sonny's energy. Sonny wants to take Mike back to their old neighborhood where things are familiar. Jason agrees he should take this shot. Carly gives her blessing. 

Sam tells Alexis about Nelle getting married Shiloh and her release. Alexis tells Sam she broke up with Neil. 

Nikolas stops by to see Lulu. She says he owes Charlotte an apology and berates him for letting her believe the bodyguard story. Lulu says Charlotte could have died and it would have been his fault. Nikolas says he was doing it to get back what's his. Lulu says he's not sorry and he was never like this before. Nikolas promises to make things right by her and Spencer.

Lulu says Laura grieved just so Nikolas could get his revenge. Lulu feels Nikolas could have handled it differently by choosing a path that would have caused less pain. Nikolas says Valentin took everything from him as if he never existed. He says he was worried that Valentin would try to kill him again. Nikolas regrets hurting his family. 

Julian tells Brad that Sonny knows about their conversation and they will need to be more careful. Julian says his cover story will be him spending more time with Wiley. Brad eventually agrees in the hopes that everything will go away. 

Gladys shows up at the house telling Sonny that Mike is having a bad day. She wants to tag along on their trip to New York. Sonny and Carly both warn her to back off. 

Alexis runs into Julian praying for Lucas. He says he doesn't know how to fix it. Alexis gets a call from the Quartermaines about Nelle's presence. 

Sam shows up at the mansion for the meeting and is told what happened with Nelle. Brook Lynn says they protect their own.

Nelle heads to Brad's and tells him that she's been released and is staying with him until she finds another place.