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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Is Thrilled by Taggert's Return on General Hospital

Real Andrews

Real Andrews

Brad is annoyed that Nelle is staying with him, but can't do anything about it. Willow shows up to babysit Wiley and is upset to find out Nelle staying there. Willow says she's Wiley's nanny, which doesn't sit well with Nelle. 

Brad explains to Willow that Nelle is staying with him, despite Willow's objections. She says Wiley should be his first priority. Brad decides he doesn't need Willow for the day. Willow wants Nelle to leave, but she says she's here for Brad. Nelle claims they have a connection that can't be broken. 

Carly notices some tension between Joss and Dev. Gladys offers to drive Dev to see his friends. When he leaves, Carly questions Joss. Carly figures out something happened between them. Joss admits the kiss, but explains Dev wasn't interested. Joss says she's still in love with Oscar and shouldn't have feelings for anyone else. Carly disagrees, saying it's okay to notice someone else.

Trina and Cameron discuss who they should ask to the formal. Trina thinks Cameron's hiding his feelings for Joss, but he says they're just friends. Dev and Gladys arrive, and the kids find it weird when Gladys fusses over them. When they're out of ear shot, Dev tells Trina and Cameron that Gladys doesn't know they know the truth, and to keep it that way. 

Michael updates Jason on Nelle and the shareholders meeting. Jason warns him to stay clear-headed. Sasha joins Michael. Michael tells her he's going to do everything to get Nelle back into prison. Sasha worries that Nelle is fixated on Michael and is capable of anything.

Michael asks Sasha to move in with him to help protect her, but she declines. She says they have a good thing going and doesn't want to risk it. 

Sonny heads over to Turning Woods to retrieve Mike for the trip. He is surprised to see Marcus Taggert paying a visit. Sonny wants to know why Taggert is back. Taggert mentions the torched, hijacked truck, but Sonny has nothing to say about it. 

Jordan berates Chase for telling Sharon Grant that Nelle was released. Chase feels Nelle's victim's family had a right to know. Jordan says Chase almost wrecked his career before because of Nelle and warns him to back off. Chase says he's going to protect those he loves. 

Willow tells Chase about Nelle being at Brad's and how she's being pushed out as the nanny. Michael and Sasha walk by, and Willow tells them Wiley is no longer safe with Brad. 

Nelle tells Brad she wants Willow gone. She says she'll take of her son herself.

Sonny, Jason, and Mike head out on their trip.

Jordan is thrilled when Taggert shows up at the station. He replies that she called, so he came since, they're partners for life.