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Perkie's Observations: Spencer and Nikolas Are Reunited on General Hospital

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Nicolas Bechtel

Nicolas Bechtel

Spencer is shocked when Nikolas lets him know he's alive. Spencer and Nikolas share a hug, then he asks where his father has been. Nikolas explains what happened and how he stayed away to protect everyone. Spencer can't believe his father deliberately kept him in the dark. Nikolas brings up the codicil, which makes Spencer realize the money was more important to his father than him. 

Nikolas says he needed to work in the shadows. Spencer feels that Nikolas hated Valentin more than he loved him. Spencer says Nikolas could have told him he was alive without Valentin finding out. 

Spencer says he hates Nikolas for staying dead. Nikolas takes a breather. Ava tries to plead his case. Ava says Spencer should be thrilled that the person he loves the most came back. Ava points out that Spencer has a second chance. 

Laura is upset with Jax because he kept Nikolas' secret from her. Jax apologizes and says Nikolas was worried about the danger. Laura accepts his apology, then tells him about her plan to renovate the waterfront. She wants Jax's help to decriminalize the area. Jax considers the offer. 

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Willow explains to Michael about how she found Nelle at Brad's and that she plans on taking care of Wiley. Carly overhears and feels Nelle is manipulating Brad. Michael and Chase decide to head over to Brad's. 

Nelle insists on holding Wiley despite Brad's feelings on the matter. She tells Wiley that she's his mother and Brad asks her not to confuse the baby. Michael and Chase show up. Nelle feels they're all overreacting. Michael wants to know what it would take for Nelle to stay away. Michael offers to her a place to stay. 

Charlotte's spending the day at Crimson with Nina when Curtis stops by. Curtis sees the mock up of Sasha for Deception. Nina explains about the partnership between Crimson and Deception. Later, Charlotte cuts up the photo of Sasha.

Taggert wonders why Jordan asked him to come back to Port Charles. Jordan shows him the report of their friend's death. Taggert doesn't believe it was an overdose and offers to help Jordan find the answers. 

Nina summons Sasha to discuss the partnership. Nina agrees, but says Sasha will need to do an in-depth cover story for Crimson, where all the dirt will be unearthed. Sasha agrees. 

Nelle runs into Willow and Sasha, and introduces herself to Sasha. Carly overhears Nelle say that Michael asked her to move into the Quartermaine mansion. Carly doesn't believe her. Michael tells Chase he needs to keep Nelle close to let her think she's winning.