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Comedian Cristela Alonzo Explains Why She Turned Down The View

In 2014, comedian and actress Cristela Alonzo became the first Latina to create, write, and star in her own sitcom: Cristela on ABC. The show's sad cancelation led Alonzo to another possible opportunity on the same network: a permanent gig hosting The View

In a podcast interview, Alonzo spoke to KTLA's Frank Buckley about why she said no. For one, the offer came right after her show was canceled. She recalled:

I said no. People couldn't understand why I was saying no. I didn't want it. This is a thing that I find very difficult. This is a struggle I deal with a lot in this business. When I say I don't want to do it, I really don't. 

Alonzo added:

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But also: I don't want to do it for a reason and people don't understand that. I think that The View: My time on The View was amazing and I loved everybody I worked with. The women, I loved being with the women, but career-wise, I wasn't ready to do The View. I didn't want to do The View. 

And I've always said that the audience is always smart; they know when you want to be there. They know it, they can sense it if you don't want to be there. If you're not ready to be there, they feel it, and i could not do that show because it wasn't something that I really felt at the moment. 

Alonzo noted that she would do the show at some point down the line. Why turn it down now? Responding to critics of her decision, she said:

I told them because the offer means that I'm actually good at it and that's something I didn't know. So I know that about myself, that I'm capable of doing this job.  

Tune in to Buckley's podcast to hear more about Alonzo's stand-up special, memoir, and her favorite moments of her guest stints on The View.