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WATCH: Patrick Stewart Extends a Surprise Invitation to Whoopi on The View

Whoopi Goldberg, Patrick Stewart

Whoopi Goldberg, Patrick Stewart

If you're familiar with the name Guinan and you want to see more of her, hang on to your hats! Patrick Stewart, better known to Trekkies as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, officially extended an invitation to Whoopi Goldberg to join him on season two of Star Trek: Picard during his appearance on The View.

Stewart's surprise announcement caught her off guard, but it got him a standing ovation and a sweet embrace. Stewart said,

I’m here with a formal invitation, and it’s for you, Whoopi. Alex Kurtzman, who is the senior executive producer of Star Trek: Picard, and all his colleagues, of which I am one, want to invite you into the second season.

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Goldberg starred in the role of the other worldly bartender from 1988-1993 on Star Trek: The Next Generation. She also appeared in the feature films Star Trek Generations and Star Trek: Nemesis.

Check out the series premiere of Star Trek: Picard Thursday on CBS All Access.

Check out the clip below: