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Dynasty's Elaine Hendrix: 'I’m Just Ready to Be Ruthless' as Alexis Carrington

Elaine Hendrix is the perfect fit as the third incarnation of Alexis Carrington Colby on the Dynasty reboot. The Parent Trap actress is thrilled to be playing the iconic villainess, as she told TVLine.

How did Hendrix work on her own interpretation of a legendary character? She explained:

[The producers] encouraged me to make it my own, and I have been. I’m really thinking about what drives Alexis. She’s a survivor, and she loves her kids. With those two elements alone, she’ll do anything to anyone anywhere at any time.

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Describing Alexis as "ready to burn it all down," Hendrix showed off her knowledge of the original primetime soap by outlining her character's complicated dynamic with the dynamic mogul Jeff Colby (Sam Adegoke). She quipped:

Cecil dies in the original! I love Sam Adegoke, so I’m really hoping the same thing doesn’t happen to Jeff.

Dynasty airs Fridays at 9 PM EST on the CW. Are you excited for more Jeff and Alexis (#Jelexis? #Alexeff)? Tell us in the comments!