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Emmy-Winning Talk Show Producer Talks Making The Kelly Clarkson Show a Success

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Alex Duda's daytime résumé is long and distinguished. An Emmy winner who has produced The Tyra Banks Show and Steve Harvey, she is currently enjoying the success of executive producing The Kelly Clarkson Show. Duda talked to Broadcasting + Cable (about her talk-show experience.

How does one build a solid, engaging program? It's all about the hosts, Duda revealed:

The secret is to find the honest truth about that talent and then craft the show around that. You have to figure out who they really are and then build a show around them that highlights that. That’s why there’s always room for success for everyone in daytime — every host is different so every format should be different.

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What about Kelly Clarkson herself engages viewers and has made the show a resounding success? Duda reflected:

Kelly is all about connection. When we met Kelly, my team and I had been doing reality TV and talk for a long time. When we went in to meet her, we all had ideas about who she was. We walked into the room and sat with her for what was supposed to be an hour and it turned into a probably a four-hour meeting. We all walked out of there thinking, ‘She’s my new best friend.’ We’re not the only ones who feel that way. She wants to connect with everyone; she can’t help but connect. That is her truth. We built the show around that connection.