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WATCH: Is Wendy Williams Ready for Marriage...Again?

Is newly-divorced Wendy Williams looking to take another walk down the aisle? The talk show host caught up with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, admitting that she would love to date a mature, responsible man.

Per People, Williams commented:

You know what’s interesting? When you get grown you realize that within five minutes, even the worst guy, you know, visually or size-wise or whatever, if he’s got game, I’m in. As long as he can pay his own bills, because those days are over.

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She told Fallon, “By the way, I’m a wife, not a girlfriend," joking that her ring finger is getting "lonely." 

But while Williams said she wouldn't live with a man again, she has no regrets about the past:

I’m not mad, you know, it was 25 years I don’t regret. But you know what, sometimes people move on with their lives.

Watch Wendy chat about her personal life below.