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Perkie's Observations: A Triple Shootout Erupts on General Hospital

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Flash forward teaser: In a New York cafe, a gunman opens fire on Jason, Sonny, and Mike. On the docks, a gunman opens fire on Laura, Michael, Sasha and Joss. At the coffee warehouse, a gunman opens fire on Carly and Gladys . . .

Two hours earlier . . .

In New York, Sonny, Jason, and Mike stop off at a cafe for a bite before heading to the clinic. Mike flirts with the waitress, while Sonny and Jason talk business. Jason agrees it's a good idea to reach out to the Five Families while in town. Jason also agrees that Sonny is doing the right thing by getting Mike tested for the trial. Jason says his biggest regret was how hard he pushed Alan away and he can't make up for it. 

On the docks (because that's where one meets with their teenage sister) Michael tells Joss he's moving Nelle into the Quartermaine mansion to keep an eye on her. Joss is worried since Nelle is evil and tried to kill him once before. Michael reassures her he's a big boy with big boy pants and he's more worried about Wiley. Michael feels Brad is unravelling. Joss' solution is to take Wiley away from Brad and give him back to Willow. Michael reminds Joss that adoptions are legally binding and final. (Because she's just that dumb.) 

Nelle declares she's not going back to jail anytime soon. Carly counters that Nelle is evil and stupid, and won't be able to resist doing something to land her back there. Carly says she'll be happy to watch the Quartermaines treat Nelle like trash. 

Nelle says she ended up on top and claims she has 5% of ELQ shares. Carly counters she needed Ryan and Shiloh's help to get it. Nelle warns her she knows things that can blow Carly's world apart. Carly doesn't care and heads out to show Gladys the warehouse. 

Willow complains to Sasha and says it was Lucas who she wanted to parent Wiley. She worries about what will happen if Brad has to raise him on his own. 

Lulu stops by Crimson to pick up Charlotte. She tells Nina that Valentin's arraignment is today and hopes he'll be denied bail. She mentions going for full custody, though Nina feels it's extreme. (Gee Nina, you didn't think it was extreme when Valentin mentioned it.) Lulu says she needs to keep Charlotte safe. Later, Lulu spots the cut up photo of Sasha, but Charlotte claims Nina did it. 

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Ava and Nikolas are flying home. Nikolas complains about how things were left with Spencer. Ava says Spencer's alive, so Nikolas has a chance to repair the damage. She believes if she had put Kiki first, she'd still be alive. 

Nikolas offers his condolences and apologizes for exploiting Kiki by haunting Ava. Ava says he can make it up by signing the postnup agreement. Ava says she won't hand over the codicil without it. She thinks they will make an excellent team. 

Nikolas says an open marriage won't work and a cheating wife will make him look weak. He says he wants her to be faithful. Ava agrees, so long as he does the same. Nikolas says if Ava cheats, she gets nothing. Ava counters if Nikolas cheats, she gets 90% of his assets. The two shake on it. 

Jax has fancy cheese and champagne delivered for Nina. He says she needs to move forward. The two share a dance and a kiss. 

Lulu gets to the courthouse to find out from Robert that Valentin was granted bail. Robert says the judge dropped the attempted murder charge due to lack of evidence and the other charges were not violent. Valentin crows to Lulu, who says she's filing a restraining order against him for Charlotte. 

Martin tells Valentin he'll crush the restraining order. He says he's headed to probate court for Nelle. Valentin is thrilled that Nelle is keeping the Quartermaines and Corinthi preoccupied. Martin says Nelle doesn't know he's working on behalf of Valentin. 

Laura meets with Michael on the docks to discuss the waterfront renovations. She wants to make it inviting and safe. Michael thinks they should only upgrade the first 15 piers and leave the others untouched (because dear old daddy does his bidness there). Laura says it wouldn't make the piers safer, and it's an all or nothing deal. 

Sasha shows up on the docks to let Michael know she'll move into the mansion with him to help him keep an eye on Nelle. Joss returns to pick up something she left behind. 

In the New York cafe, a gunman open fires on Jason, Sonny and Mike. On the docks, a gunman open fires on Laura, Michael, Sasha and Josslyn. Looks like Laura might have been hit. At the coffee warehouse, a gunman open fires on Carly and Gladys. It looks like Carly or Laura might have been hit.