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Perkie's Observations: Queen Down on General Hospital

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Genie Francis

Genie Francis

Jason and the gunman shoot at each other in Brooklyn. The gunman grabs the bartender, but Jason eventually shoots the gunman dead at close range.

Dustin shows up on the docks and chases the gunman off. Joss calls 911, and Michael and Sasha notice that Laura has been shot. 

Two gunmen and two of Sonny's men fire against each other at the warehouse. Gladys hides in the office while Carly's caught in the crossfire. A random third guy shows up to shoot against the gunman and gets shot while protecting Carly. Carly tells Tony that Sonny will have to reward this man, but Tony says he's never seen him before and doesn't work for Sonny. 

Jax stops the kiss, feeling it's not appropriate since he's Nina's boss. Ava drops by. Jax gets the call from Joss and heads out. Ava talks to Nina about how their personal lives have worked out for both of them. Nina thinks Ava wants them to be friends and offers an olive branch. 

Valentin shows up and tells Nina he was released on bail. He and Ava get into it, so Nina tells him to leave. 

Nikolas gets the cold shoulder from Epiphany. Kevin explains to him that he hurt people and it will take time until he's forgiven. 

Liz talks to Finn about Hayden. Finn explains that Hayden was never in danger and the attack against her was staged. Liz doesn't understand why Valentin would do that. Finn doesn't get a chance to tell her it was Nikolas' plan.

Epiphany tells them that Laura was shot and is on her way to the hospital. Finn checks her out and explains that Laura will need surgery to remove the bullet.

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Jordan arrives and Dustin tells her he believes the gunman was aiming at Michael. 

Finn confronts Nikolas about what he did to Hayden. He accuses Nikolas of not telling Liz the truth, but Nikolas swears it's not the time.

Chase arrives at the docks and questions whether the shooter was after Laura. Joss says the shooter was aiming at Michael. Michael admits he can't reach Sonny or Jason. Chase gets a call about the warehouse shooting. Michael says Sonny is in Brooklyn.

Sasha gets her panties in a bunch, but Chase is just doing his job. Michael swears he has no idea who is targeting the family or why. Chase gets another call about the shooting in Brooklyn. He warns Michael that when the time comes, he has to let the police handle things. 

Detective Fiona Harlan is on the case in Brooklyn. Maggie the bartender explains how it went down. Fiona wants details from Jason, who won't speak without his lawyer. Jason is taken to the station. Fiona tells Sonny that it sounds like self defense, but since Jason has priors, she brought him in. 

Fiona wants to know who wants Sonny dead, but he doesn't know. Sonny tells her about his hijacked truck and how he's in town for Mike's clinical trial. 

Jordan gets to the warehouse and Carly tells her the new guy saved her life, but Tony mentions he's not Sonny's employee. Gladys stumbles out of the office and recognizes the new guy as her son Brando. 

Fiona gets a call and tells Sonny about the two shootings in Port Charles. She decides she'd rather have him be the PCPD's problem and tells him he's free to go. 

Sonny gets a call about Mike's clinical trial, but turns it down in order to go home.