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Perkie Observations: Jordan Threatens to Shut Down the Mob War on General Hospital

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Jordan Ashford, General hospital

Briana Nicole Henry, Steve Burton

Carly is shocked when Gladys announces that her hero is Brando. He's taken to the hospital. Jason shows up and Jordan wants him to cooperate with the PCPD. Jason denies having any knowledge of who would attack them. 

Joss is checked out at the hospital, then released. Chase gets her statement. Joss says the gunman was aiming for Michael.

Michael and Sasha get to the Corinthos compound and find Dev freaking out. Michael explains what happened and asks Dev to keep Avery company. Sasha gets a little upset that this seems second nature to Michael. Michael admits it's happened before and he's learned how to handle it. Sasha's not sure she can go through this again. 

Nikolas swears to Finn he never intended to upset Hayden as much as he did, and is certain she will come back. 

Jax tells Liz that Nikolas was the one who staged the attack on Hayden and scared her into leaving town. Liz smacks Nikolas in the face. Nikolas swears he didn't mean for anything to happen, but Liz says Hayden's gone underground and can't be found. Liz tells Finn she knows Nikolas was responsible for Hayden. Liz says Finn and Violet are part of her family, and can lean on her. 

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Valentin continues to plead his case to Nina, despite Ava's scorn. He says they belong together and believes they can work it out. Nina says she helped Ava take him down and it's over. 

Nikolas arrives and hands Valentin a restraining order, barring him from Wyndemere. He's also requesting a DNA test to prove he's not a Cassadine. Valentin claims Helena is playing Nikolas from beyond the grave and feels he's the rightful heir. 

Gladys waits for word on Brando at the hospital. Joss tells Carly that Laura was shot. Jax is worried about both attacks. Carly admits it looks like someone is making a move, but she needs to stay at the hospital to figure out what's happening with Brando. Carly asks Jax to take Joss to the Corinthos compound. 

Carly questions Gladys about Brando and why she claimed he was dead. Before Gladys can explain, Finn comes to get her so she can visit her son. Carly sees Brando's personal effects at the desk, and pulls out a photo of Gladys and Dev that was taken at Christmas. 

Dev gives Joss a hug when she gets home. Sasha thanks her for saving Michael by calling out the gunmen. Joss explains that Brando saved Carly. 

Chase questions Tony at the warehouse. He explains what happened, but claims both gunmen took off. Jordan doesn't believe he's telling the whole truth. Taggert shows up, ready to help. He believes Sonny's men are holding the gunmen for Sonny. 

Taggert wants to know who wants to take over Sonny's business. Jordan says she wants to see Sonny as soon as he gets Mike resettled. Jordan says despite the three attacks, whoever it was, failed. She feels a mob war is coming, and it will be public and ugly. Jordan tells Jason that she will stop it, even if it means taking down him and Sonny.