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Terri Conn Reminisces About As the World Turns' Katie and Simon

Katie Peretti, Simon Frasier, Ashon the World Turns

Terri Conn, Paul Leyden

Terri Conn (ex-Katie, As the World Turns) caught up with Soaps in Depth and took a trip down memory lane. In arguably her best pairing, she recalled the days of Katie and her first love Simon (Paul Leyden). Katie was the daughter of Casey (you know...the one Margo pulled the plug on?) and Lyla. Conn took over the role in 1998 and played Katie through 2010, when ATWT came to an end.

Conn recalled Katie's first time,

She lost her virginity to Simon in a garage, in the back seat of a vintage car. We were all dressed up in flapper clothes for a ’20s-themed ball or something, and we’d had too much to drink.

The chemistry between the actors sparked onscreen and the duo quickly became a fan favorite. Despite that, Conn remembers the pair didn’t always get along with each other.

He didn’t actually want to be with her at the beginning, but they fit together despite his best efforts not to.

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Who could possibly resist the roguish Aussie bad boy? Not Katie!

I mean, that accent, you know? You can’t not love that! And it was so much thicker at the beginning or after he would return from visiting Australia.

Memorable scenes for Conn happened during those unexpected times when the heat got hot between Katie and Simon.

I [Katie] was kidnapped in Malta at an opera, and we were both tied together — he [Simon] had to get the key or something from my bra, and it was a very sensual scene.

Danger was never far away from Simon. His past as a con man resurfaced now and again. That made it hard for him to stick around Oakdale. He would take off periodically, even when they were married. Katie however, liked the comforts of home

This doesn’t mean Katie was alone by any means. She had other pairings that were popular (and maybe not so popular ) with viewers, including Mike (Mark Collier), Brad (Austin Peck), Jack (Michael Park), and Chris (Daniel Cosgrove). Of course, there was her bestie Henry (Trent Dawson), the man she loved, but wasn’t in love with.

What were your favorite Skatie moments? Sound off in the comments!