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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Theo and Lola Sitting In a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Tyler Johnson, Sasha Calle

Tyler Johnson, Sasha Calle

Theo/Lola/Kyle/Summer: The playboy Abbott (Michael Mealor) tells his chef wife (Sasha Calle) about the kiss he shared with his tartlet ex-wife Summer (Hunter King). Look for Kyle's nemesis and newfound cousin (Tyler Johnson) to make his move on Lola . . . the two share a kiss of their own! Is this the end of "Kola"?

Victoria/Billy/Amanda: Things between the black sheep Abbott (Jason Thompson) and the Newman heiress (Amelia Heinle) take a nasty turn. Victor (Eric Braeden) learns all about Victoria and Billy's separation. The Black Knight gives his baby girl some ammo to nail Billy: Pictures of him with Amanda (Mishael Morgan).

Apparently, Victor wasn't buying what Billy was selling when he claimed to have changed his ways, so he had a gumshoe follow him. The private detective captured pics of Billy with Amanda. Victoria is not amused by what she learns. 

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Later, when Villy meet up at Crimson Lights to talk about the kids, Victoria accuses him of two-timing her with Amanda. When Amanda comes to the coffee shop, Victoria rips into both of them about having an affair. Both deny Victoria's claims, but she's not hearing any of it. Look for Victoria to keep quiet on the pictures Victor gave her for now, and for Billy to start losing even more control of his life.

Sharon: The coffeehouse maven (Sharon Case) prepares herself for her first round of chemo. When Sharon returns home, she awakens and starts talking to Mariah (Camryn Grimes), but it's actually Cassie. Look for Sharon to use Cassie's appearance as a source of strength and for her to have a solo ep.

Phyllis: Red (Michelle Stafford) has some unfinished business, so watch out.

Victor: Mr. Mumbles has a shocking guest appear at Newman Enterprises' 50th anniversary party.