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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Warns Gladys to Perpetuate His Lie to Brando on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard

Sonny gets to the hospital and checks in with Carly. Carly wants to know who's coming after them. Carly tells Sonny about what happened with Brando. 

Gladys sits by Brando's bedside and wants to know why he's in Port Charles. She questions if he's forgiven her. Brando wants to know why she's involved with Sonny. 

Nikolas visits with Laura and apologizes for wasting years to let the darkness in. Nikolas says it took her shooting to see things clearly. He claims he wants to do better. Laura wakes up and tells him that she loves him. 

Dev is surprised to hear that "his father" is alive and in PC. He plays along for Sasha's sake, but when Sasha leaves the room, the others discuss what this means for Dev. Dev's worried he'll get sent back to Turkey.

Michael tells Sasha they need to stop seeing each other in order to protect her. The two argue about it until they both admit they love each other. 

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Nelle calls Brad to tell him she's moving into the Quartermaine mansion. Brook Lynn is not happy to see Nelle. Nelle says Michael invited her to move in, but Brook Lynn doesn't believe her. The two argue and Nelle tries to play the victim. Brook Lynn doesn't fall for it. Nelle calls Michael, who tells Brook Lynn to give Nelle a room. 

Willow is ready to help Brad take Wiley home, but he thinks she's getting too close. Willow is surprised and tells Brad he needs to manage Nelle. Brad and Willow argue about Wiley's care. Brad fires Willow as his nanny.

Sonny questions Brando, who claims he came to town to reconnect with his mother. Brando wants to know who Dev is. Sonny dismisses that and tells Brando he'll get the best care for saving Carly. 

Carly wants to know why Gladys lied to all of them. Gladys says Brando was different when he came back from the war and it was easier to say he was dead. Gladys claims she doesn't know anything, but Carly shows her the photo. Gladys says she posted it on social media and Brando must have seen it. 

Sonny's not happy with Gladys for lying, but wants her to keep lying about Dev to Brando. Sonny warns her not to spill the truth. When Brando asks Gladys about Dev, she claims he's Brando's son. 

Sonny tells Carly he needs to find out who is targeting them and why.