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WATCH: Susan Lucci Gets Live Heart Scan on Dr. Oz

Susan Lucci

All My Children legend Susan Lucci (ex-Erica) is opening up. After experiencing a health scare involving two blocked arteries, Lucci is advocating for women's awareness of heart disease. She even got a live heart scan on the Jan. 31 episode of Dr. Oz, which she co-hosted.

The daytime diva also met up with former co-star Walt Willey (ex-Jackson), and the pair discussed a possible AMC revival with Dr. Oz. In response to Willey's comments about reboot rumors, Lucci responded:

I hope that’s true. I certainly hear those rumblings, too, on my Instagram account. Our fabulous passionate fans are still with us, Walt. They want to see All My Children rebooted.

Watch La Lucci get a scan below.