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Perkie's Observations: Anna Vows to Protect Peter From Jason on General Hospital

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Anna Devane, Peter August, General Hospital

Finola Hughes, Wes Ramsey

Sonny has his man tune up one of the goons who shot up the warehouse. 

Jason, Carly, and Michael discuss who could be coming after them. Carly reassures Michael that Sonny will find out the truth. 

Jax warns Sasha about the dangers of dating Michael and being close to the Corinthi. Jax is worried about Joss, but Carly's not listening.

Tracy and Ned are not happy to see Nelle eating breakfast in their sitting room. Ned wants her to leave, but Nelle isn't going anywhere. Michael arrives and tells them that Monica agreed to let Nelle stay.

Michael says he didn't want Nelle staying with Brad and Wiley. Ned reminds Michael there are other children living at, and visiting, the mansion. Ned says they should have gotten a heads up about his plans. 

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Tracy wants to get out of Dodge, but Ned reassures her he'll get the shares from Nelle. Nelle isn't happy to hear that Sasha is moving in as well. Michael tells her to move into the boathouse. 

Finn runs into Sam and the two discuss the attack on Sonny. Sam says Finn's life is similar now because Anna is a spy. (Oh no she did not just compare Anna to Jason!) Sam brings up that no one is working on Drew's case. She asks Finn if he knows anything, but he says Anna doesn't discuss her cases. 

Sam digs a little deeper, throwing Peter's name out there. Finn wants to know if she has evidence against Peter. Sam says she's working on it and Finn seems to indicate he thinks Peter might be involved. Sam updates Jason. 

Peter talks to Anna about the background information on him. Anna reassures him the information didn't make it back into the PCPD files. Peter's worried about Jason and Anna, who readily (read: stupidly) admits that Jason believes Peter is behind Drew's death and Andre's attack. Peter says Jason will come after him, but Anna says Jason would have to come through her. Peter promises to make Anna proud.

Sonny gets home and argues with Jax. Sonny says he'll protect his family. Jax tells Sonny to turn himself in and go into witness protection, which Sonny doesn't want to hear. After Jax leaves, Sonny promises Carly that he'll handle this. 

Jason gets to the warehouse and finds his guy is shot. He gets into a gunfight. Jason shoots him and asks for his boss' name. The gunman says, "Cyrus".