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Perkie's Observations: Julian Puts a Plan In Motion to Derail Brad on General Hospital

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Parry Shen, William deVry

Parry Shen, William deVry

Jason updates Sonny on what happened at the warehouse. Carly wants in on the discussion. Jason says a drug kingpin named Cyrus Renault is responsible. Sonny wants the details on Renault, telling Jason he's going to strike back. Sonny says he knows Renault is running his organization from Pentonville. 

Carly worries about whether she should take the kids and go or not. Jason talks her down and reassures her they'll be able to deal with Renault. 

Nelle is not happy with Michael's plan to dump her in the boathouse. Nelle summons Martin, then Michael offers more money for her shares. Nelle rips up the agreement and says she's not leaving. Martin pulls Nelle aside. Nelle says she's determined to get as much money from the Quartermaine family as she can. 

Finn is not happy with Anna for letting Peter hang out with Violet. Anna sticks up for Peter. Finn wants to know how Peter defended his ties to the gunman. Anna whitewashes Peter's connection. Finn says Anna just wants to believe anything that makes Peter look good. Anna admits she kept some information out of the files, which upsets Finn even more. The two argue and Finn leaves. Anna cries.

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Nina runs into Jax and gets all twitterpated around him. Maxie wonders what it's about and Nina admits that she and Jax kissed. Maxie asks if Nina is interested in Jax.

Alexis isn't happy with Jax for keeping Nikolas a secret. Jax apologizes. Alexis notices how Jax is distracted and pushes him. Jax admits that he kissed Nina. Alexis points out that Nina comes with a lot of baggage. 

Nina talks to Jax, who apologizes for kissing her. The two agree to be friends. 

Sam meets with Spinelli and the two discuss Peter. Spin's worried about his involvement because of Maxie and the kids. Sam wants Spin to find evidence. 

Julian stops by to see Brad. When Brad's out of the room, Julian puts drugs in Brad's coffee. Brad gets a call that Lucas is awake. 

Sonny goes to Pentonville to meet with Cyrus.