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WATCH: Michael Strahan Attempts to Interview Jim Carrey

Michael Strahan, Jim Carrey

Michael Strahan, Jim Carrey

Michael Strahan sat down with Jim Carrey on Feb. 4 to discuss the comedian's new movie, Sonic the Hedgehog. In the process, the Good Morning America host had to handle Carrey at his most eccentric.

Carrey first pretended to sing Strahan a song, using his leg as a mock guitar, then jumped out of his chair to feint football plays with his interviewer. And once Carrey finally sat down, he wasn't interested in talking about his film. Instead, he quipped:

How about those Iowa caucuses? I’m glad it just didn’t turn into streptococcus. I’m glad about that.

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Eventually, Carrey got back on track (relatively), but Strahan kept his cool like the pro he is throughout. 

Watch the unusual interview below.