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WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain Clash Over Mitt Romney

Whoopi Goldberg, Meghan McCain, The View

It is the second month into the new year of 2020 and The View's Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain are already butting heads. What's with the latest dust up? The panel were discussing Utah Sen. Mitt Romney being the sole GOP-er in the Senate to vote for President Donald Trump to be convicted in his impeachment trial.

Goldberg praised Romney for his actions and stated,

I’m glad someone from that side stood up and said, ‘This is not right.'

McCain weighed in and gave Romney his props but wasn't so sure if the 2012 Republican presidential candidate would've done it if he'd had a cabinet position. McCain stated,

I like when anyone bucks a party. I will always respect it, and I think it took big cojones to do that yesterday, but it doesn’t take much courage right now to do anything that’s not going to have any impact. President Trump was acquitted yesterday. I just think Mitt Romney, I want to trust him but would he still feel that way if Trump had given him his Secretary of State position? 

Goldberg then compared him to McCain's father, the late Arizona Sen. John McCain, and remarked,

I’m just glad that somebody stood up and said no, finally. I’m going to give faith in him like I gave to your dad. 

McCain was not here for that comparison and fired back,

With all due respect, Mitt Romney is nothing like my dad. I’m just saying, don’t put all your bets on Romney right now. He will break your heart like he always does.

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Goldberg tried to explain her point by saying,

Listen, I am 63 years old. I have been going through this with these people for years

McCain snidely commented she was 35 years old. Goldberg clapped back and stated,

Yes, and you’re half my age! So hear what I know!

McCain replied, 

That’s very dismissive. I don’t understand what my age has to do with my political perspective right now. I just don’t think it’s very nice.

Goldberg claimed McCain was doing the same and stated,

This has nothing to do, personally, with you. This has to do with the fact that when you say to me, ‘Don’t put all your eggs in the basket,’ that’s dismissive to me.

Oy vey... Watch the face-off below.