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Perkie's Observations: Laura Takes Control From Her Bed on General Hospital

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Genie Francis

Genie Francis

Emma's in town to visit with Anna and notices how her grandma's a little off. Anna talks to her about Peter and how he's trying to make amends.

Finn talks to Sam. Sam says there are people on his side when it comes to Peter, including Robert. Sam wants damning intel on Peter, but Finn refuses.

Brad gets to Turning Woods to find Lucas back to sleep. Bobbie says he's getting his strength back. Julian reminds Brad that Lucas knows about Wiley and wants to know what will happen now. 

Jason updates Michael on Cyrus Renault, but doesn't want Michael involved in any more details. 

Sonny talks to Cyrus and accuses him of coming after his family. Cyrus wants to negotiate. He offers Sonny 10% of everything he moves through PC, but Sonny isn't interested. Cyrus says Sonny needs to change with the times. Cyrus maintains he's here to stay. 

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Kevin's happy that Laura's awake. Jason stops by. Laura warns him she won't abide a mob war in her town. Curtis pays a visit and says he's ready to provide his services to her. Laura says she knows she wasn't the target. Laura mentions Taggert being back in town, which piques Curtis' interest. 

Jordan dodges Curtis' calls. Taggert stops by to talk to her about Bob's overdose. He believes it was foul play. Curtis arrives and is meets Taggert. He claims he just ran into Jordan and she backs him up. 

Lucas wakes up and Brad wonders how much he remembers from the accident. Lucas doesn't remember anything. Michael and Sam join the group at his bedside. 

Willow gets the call that Lucas is awake and worriedly tells Chase that she's not sure what her place is anymore. 

Finn gets home and apologizes to Anna. The two kiss and make up. Finn tells her that Robert is working with Sam and Jason.

Lucas has a brief memory of the accident.