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WATCH: Eric Braeden Celebrates Four Decades on Y&R on The Talk

Eric Braeden

As part of The Young and the Restless' celebration of Eric Braeden (Victor)'s forty years on the soap, he visited The Talk on Feb. 7. Braeden chatted it up with the co-hosts about his time on the number-one-rated soap.

Per Yahoo!, guest co-host Brigitte Nielsen asked him about a storyline he thought would bomb but was a big hit. Braeden responded:

I remember reading the script in the morning, I said, 'What? What am I doing?' And I had caught my first wife's lover, so I imprisoned him in my dungeon. And to really punish him, I fed him baked rats.

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When asked about when he knew Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victor's relationship was something special, Braeden quipped:

Well, did you watch J. Lo on Sunday [during the Super Bowl halftime performance]? Nikki was dancing on the pole. And Victor said, 'I've got to get to know her.'

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