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WATCH: Tamron Hall Dishes Daytime Success to The Hollywood Reporter

Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss her talk show's second season renewal and her experience in the daytime arena. 

The next season of her show will allow her to grow even further. Hall commented:

We want to get bigger and better and grow every day. Listen, if I think enough to change my hair, then of course I'm going to change the show. It's evolving and it's becoming its own voice in daytime.

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She added that her experience on many shows, including Today. has helped her achieve her dreams. Hall said:

I look in the mirror sometimes and see the seven-year-old who felt rejection, who felt insecure, who felt isolated. And, at 48, I realized that with all of those things against her, I'm still willing to bet on her. The only way you can be good at this is to finally accept that you are you. And I don't aspire to be anyone other than Tamron Hall from Luling, Texas, who maybe wasn't the kid that people bet on, but she found a way to bet on herself. 

Watch Hall's entire chat below.