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Perkie's Observations: Lucas Wakes Up and Keeps Brad on Edge on General Hospital

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Brad Cooper, Lucas Jones, General Hospital

Ryan Carnes, Parry Shen

Lucas says he remembers Brad wanted to make a confession about something while they were in the car. Brad claims he doesn't remember what they were discussing. Julian thinks Lucas should just focus on his recovery. Willow stops by with pictures of Wiley that she took while Lucas was unconscious. 

Valentin complains to Nina about Ava's behavior towards him. He says he doesn't regret trying to make Nina happy. Nina doesn't want Valentin's kind of love and tells him to move on. 

Ava checks in with Nikolas regarding Laura's condition. Ava swears she's truly concerned for Laura and gives Nikolas a list of rehab facilities.

Lulu admits to Laura that Dustin's hero tendencies worries her. Laura reminds her that Dante was a cop, but Dustin just happens to come into situations where he's needed.

Dustin runs into Brook Lynn, who is writing new song lyrics. The two reminisce about their time together and the influence of music.

Ned's not happy with the bad press the attack on Sonny has caused for ELQ. Michael swears he's running the company on the up and up. Ned says he's proud to stand by Michael's side. Michael wants Ned to stay so they can work together.

Nelle shows up to complain about her digs in the boathouse. She mentions moving back in with Brad, but Michael says Lucas is awake. Nelle wants to know how much her shares are worth to Michael. Michael has another offer for Nelle, but she turns him down again. 

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Brad is happy that Lucas doesn't remember, but Julian is worried the secret will eventually come out.

Willow talks to Lucas about Brad's behavior since the accident. She says she's been concerned. Willow says she's there for both of them. Lucas tells Brad he's decided to hire Willow to take care of Wiley.

Martin is worried about Valentin taking the DNA test, but Valentin is certain he's a Cassadine and wants to prove it. 

Ava is surprised when Nina pays her a visit, but she's there to congratulate them for getting one over on the Cassadine men. Ava explains the details of her postnup agreement with Nikolas, and how there won't be any sex in or out of the marriage. Nina is shocked, but Ava says Nikolas will crack first. 

Laura tells Nikolas his need for revenge is a Cassadine trait that could make him hateful and bitter. Nikolas says Spencer told him the same thing. Laura is certain Spencer won't hold onto his anger for long. 

Nikolas wants Laura to move into Wyndemere. Laura asks about the arrangement he has with Ava. Laura doesn't want him trapped in a loveless marriage. 

Brook Lynn and Ned meet with Linc to discuss her contract. Ned wants Linc to release Brook Lynn from her contract. Ned mentions sexual harassment, but Linc claims he's innocent. Ned offers Linc a check, but Linc turns it down. Brook Lynn says she'll never sing for him and storms off. Ned warns Linc he'll send his lawyers after him. 

Nelle calls Martin and says she's ready to sell for the right price.

Martin calls Valentin and says things are progressing.