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WATCH: One Life to Live Alumna Tika Sumpter Dishes 'Mad Scientist' Co-Star Jim Carrey

Tika Sumpter (ex-Layla, One Life to Live) is riding high on the success of starring roles in hit TV sitcom Mixed-ish and new film Sonic the Hedgehog. She talked to E!'s Daily Pop about working with Sonic star Jim Carrey and the importance of representation on Mixed-ish. 

Sumpter dubbed Carrey a "mad scientist," in keeping with his bizarre behavior recently on Good Morning America. Sumpter said of Carrey,:

He is incredibly kind, and he's everything your hero would want to be, They say, 'Don't meet your heroes.' That's the hero you want to meet.

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Talk turned to her role as Alicia on Mixed-ish. Sumpter noted:

The show's very important. But also, for me as a black actress, I don't always get to play these different, dynamic characters. So, she's a lawyer, but she's also a little quirky. She's not up on all the cultural things…She thinks she's cool, she's not…I love that I can be all these different things on this show, while sending an amazing message.

Watch the clip below.