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The Bold and the Beautiful's Courtney Hope Teases Sally's Secret Sickness: 'It’s a Double-Edged Sword'

Courtney Hope

Courtney Hope is currently scorching out screens as Sally Spectra on The Bold and the Beautiful, as her fashionista character has been diagnosed with a mysterious - and potentially fatal - illness. This week, when the doctor spoke to Sally and new bestie Katie Logan (Heather Tom), the audience was not privy to the information about Sally's exact condition.

Hope opened up to TVInsider about this challenging new storyline, the decision to keep viewers in the dark about the nature of Sally's illness, and whether Ms. Spectra might reunite with ex Wyatt (Darin Brooks). She admitted that she was "excited to learn that Sally was going to dig more into who she is and see where that could go," but has found this a challenge.

Hope said:

It’s a double-edged sword. I see why [Sally’s specific condition] won’t be named, but I can see both reasons for doing so. Selfishly, I wanted to sink my teeth into something as an artist and to be an advocate for it, but I respect the decision not to do that. You want people to have outlets of hope and positivity. Ultimately, this story is about the fight that Sally is facing. She’s asking herself, 'Do you take life by the reins and move on? Or do you just cash in your chips?'

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Sally has begged unlikely ally Katie to keep her secret. And where does Wyatt - who's twice broken up with her for childhood sweetheart Flo (Katrina Bowden) - factor in? Hope noted:

Sally’s so strong. But she’s been let down twice now by Wyatt. The last thing she wants is for him to be with her because [he thinks] she’s dying. The feelings wouldn’t be authentic. She doesn’t want Wyatt if he’s only going to be with her because this would be her dying wish. 

Also, why did Sally call Wyatt "Liam"? Does she really have feelings for her one-time benefactor (Scott Clifton)? Hope said no:

It was an honest slip when Sally called Wyatt by his brother’s name. The fact that she’s not feeling well and her mind is all over the place [contributed to that]. 

What does the future hold for the heiress apparent of Sally Spectra Senior (Darlene Conley)? Let's hope Sally Junior is here for many fashion shows to come...