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Perkie's Observations: Neil Has to Face the Music on General Hospital

Joe Flanigan, Nancy Lee Grahn

Joe Flanigan, Nancy Lee Grahn

Robert stops by Anna's and is thrilled to see Emma. Emma notices the tension between her grandparents, but Anna and Robert reassure her. After Emma leaves, Robert argues with Anna about Peter. Anna is certain that Peter's new relationship with Robin will pull him to the good side. Anna accuses Robert of pushing too hard and wants him to look the other way. Robert says he can't leave it alone. 

Spinelli tells Maxie and Peter that he's moving back to Port Charles. Maxie's thrilled to be with Georgie again. Spinelli says he's ready to get to know Peter better. Spinelli mentions Peter keeping Jason captive, but Maxie defends Peter. 

Peter explains his past to Spinelli and how he had no contact with Faison in the later years. Peter says once Nathan died, he realized he needed to change. After Peter leaves, Maxie wonders why Spinelli was pushing him so hard. Maxie swears Peter has done everything to change and has earned her benefit of the doubt. She tells Spinelli to take a step back. 

Neil tells Alexis the board wants her to testify under oath. Alexis is certain he'll only get a reprimand. Neil's still upset they can't date for two years. Sam interrupts the flirtation. After Alexis leaves, Sam tries to convince Neil they should date if they want. 

Trina's thrilled with her new responsibilities at the gallery, which doesn't sit well with Joss. Joss warns Trina about Ava. The two discuss their college choices. Dev shows up and asks if he should meet with his "father". Joss says to leave it up to Sonny.

Trina talks about Joss moving on from Oscar, but Joss claims she isn't ready yet. Trina says Joss isn't a coward and should move forward. 

Carly stops by to see Brando at the hospital. She wants to know if he knew who she was when he saved her. Brando claims he was just doing what he's trained to do. Carly wants more background info.

Brando discusses his PTSD, drug use, and jail time. Brando mentions Dev and how he's certain that he's not his son. Brando says he's in town to see Sonny. Carly tells Brando the truth about Dev and Gladys. 

Sonny's upset about the attack and tears a strip off of Jason. The two discuss Cyrus, his business dealings, and how to figure out his plans. Sonny sends Jason to the hospital to talk to Brando and he's not happy to find Carly there. 

Alexis complains to Finn about Sam and her relationship with Jason. Alexis thinks Sam will violate her parole and get sent back to prison. Finn reassures her. Finn calls Sam to tell her that he has information on Peter. 

Dev stops by to meet "daddy" Brando. 

Peter gets to Anna's and hears Robert arguing about him.