Did Backstreet Boys-Assisted GMA Proposal Play Games With Our Hearts?

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On Good Morning America on Feb. 11, Backstreet Boys serenaded fan Priscilla Consolo with a rendition of "I'll Never Break Your Heart. It turns out the move was a sweet gesture from Consolo's longtime boyfriend, Adam Diamond. Diamond proposed on live TV and Consolo accepted. But the happily-ever-after isn't as clear as it seems...and the couple might be playing games with our hearts.

However, Page Six is reporting that the touching moment might not have been as organic as it seemed. A source told the publication:

One small problem: the two have been engaged for over two years.

Apparently, the pair first got local press for being engaged at a December 2017 Brooklyn Democratic Party fundraiser - more than two years ago! And Diamond whipped out a diamond for his lady love in public back then, too. Page Six alleges he used the same ring both times. For example, this November 2018 photo of the couple shows Priscilla wearing a bright sparkler on her ring finger.

Reps for BSB and Consolo didn't get back to the publication, which couldn't reach Diamond.