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Perkie's Observations: Finn Throws Peter Under the Bus for Jason and Sam on General Hospital

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Michael Easton, Kelly Monaco

Michael Easton, Kelly Monaco

Peter overhears Robert and Anna argue about him. He learns that Jason and Sam are collecting evidence. Anna opens the door to find Peter there. He and Robert go at it before Robert leaves. Anna's worried about Peter since she knows he's trying to put his past behind him. She says she knows he's a good man. Peter calls the federal prosecutor involved in Sam's case. 

Finn tells Jason and Sam that he has information on Peter, but doesn't want Anna to get caught in the crossfire. Sam just wants to complete the deal with Robert, though Finn doesn't trust Robert with this. Finn wants them to let the authorities take care of it and JaSam finally agree. Finn tells them the connection between Peter and the assassin. 

Valentin and Lulu argue about Charlotte's custody. Valentin claims he just wants what's best for Charlotte. 

Alexis joins Nikolas at the hospital for blood tests to prove their Cassadine paternity. Alexis reminds Nikolas that Valentin will give him push back once the DNA results come back. 

Sonny gets to Turning Woods and finds Brook Lynn waiting to visit Mike. Mike mistakes her for Lois. Later, Sonny tells Brook Lynn about the trial that Mike missed out on. Brook Lynn says Mike is slipping away and Sonny needs to realize there is no miracle. 

Franco stops by the gallery and Ava is thrilled to have him back to his old self. She wants him to paint a portrait of her to hang at Wyndemere. Trina takes a photo of the two sharing a kiss on the cheek. 

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Valentin gets to the hospital for his DNA test and Alexis wonders why he's going ahead with it. Valentin is certain that he's a Cassadine and Helena was just playing mind games.

Nikolas checks in on Ava. He sees the photo of Franco and Ava that Trina took. 

Charlotte spots Franco drawing Ava and makes a comment about her. Liz and Franco walk away to discuss the portrait. Franco says he needs the money, so Liz agrees to let him do it. When they get back to the drawing, they find Charlotte has drawn on it. 

Charlotte complains to Lulu about her arguing with Valentin. Lulu says they're only doing what's best for her. 

Finn brings flowers to Anna and apologizes to her. Anna wants Finn to keep an open mind about Peter. 

Sam and Jason tell Robert what they know about Peter's connection to the assassin. Robert wants to know how they got it, but Jason won't divulge the information. Robert says he has to talk to the prosecutor. 

Robert comes back and finds them kissing. He declares their deal is off.