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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Has Bigger Plans Than Being a Cassadine on General Hospital

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Michael E. Knight, James Patrick Stuart

Michael E. Knight, James Patrick Stuart

Robert says he's not allowed to pursue the lead Jason and Sam gave him. He says the attorney general stopped them. Robert says his hands are tied and Peter is the bureau's problem. 

Jason and Sam complain about their lot in life. Sam says she doesn't want to be without Jason and thinks they should run away with the kids. Jason disagrees, but Sam feels two years is a long time to be apart. Jason convinces her they can handle it. 

Anna complains to Finn about Robert working with Jason. Finn reminds her she withheld information from him. Anna says she's trying to protect Peter. She says there is good in Peter and she owes him. Finn believes Peter's choices have consequences and she should step back and let the authorities deal with it. 

Emma and Peter hang out together. Emma confides in Peter that Anna is worried about him. Peter explains he's made some bad decisions, but he's learned his lesson.

Ava calls Valentin just to taunt him about all of his losses. (Gotta love that Ava!!) Nina stops in and tells Ava about her kiss with Jax. Ava's thrilled for Nina, but Nina doesn't believe she has a future with Jax. Nina says she's not ready to start dating. Ava pushes, so Nina admits it was Jax who put on the brakes. Ava tells Nina to take risks and go for what she wants. 

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Maxie has paperwork for Jax, then brings up the kiss with Nina. She wants to know where the relationship is going. Jax says he and Nina are not together. Maxie fights on Nina's behalf. 

Valentin wants Martin to be ready to regain his assets when the DNA results come back. Martin tells him that Nelle is ready to sell her shares, but she's asking for a lot of money. Valentin wants a majority stake to take hold of ELQ. Martin says problems with Linc will cause Brook Lynn to want to give up her shares as well. 

Valentin gets the test results that say he's not related to Alexis and therefore, not a Cassadine. 

Robert accuses Anna of going to the attorney general to tank his case. Anna denies it, so Robert decides it was Peter. Robert's upset that Peter is getting away with everything. Robert tells Anna about the Eurotech connection. 

Anna accuses Finn of telling Jason and Sam about the Eurotech connection. Finn admits it, which angers Anna.

Robert confronts Peter, who admits he contacted the attorney general. Robert warns Peter that Jason is coming to get him and Anna won't be able to save him. 

Valentin overhears Ava talk to Nina about kissing Jax.