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WATCH: Ellen Awards Perfect Attendance Pencil to Viral Sensation Taylor James


Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to save the day. The comedian and talk show host invited on seven-year-old Taylor James, who went viral after she put her classmate on blast for taking her pencil. 

For those who missed what happened, here goes. On Jan. 30, Taylor's mom posted a video on Instagram of the cutie calling out her classmate for taking her pink, perfect attendance pencil in the box of pencils to be sharpened. You see, little Taylor was awarded the pencil for her attendance and hadn't used it yet, when she noticed it was gone after it was sharpened!

It seems Taylor's classmate Lizzie - who doesn't have the perfect attendance because she went to Canada - was using its! Naturally, Taylor confronted Lizzie about the pencil and she tried to shrug it off but Taylor's pal Reese called Lizzie out for it. Lizzie told Taylor she'd give her the pencil back after recess but when the time came, Canadian-traveling Lizzie lost the pencil! Check out Taylor's adorable video below.

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Here's where Ellen comes in. Ellen saw the video and had Taylor come on the show to not only give her a gigantic pencil with her name on it but more goodies! Take that, Lizzie! 

Watch the video below.