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The Young and the Restless' Eric Braeden Reflects on What Soaps Mean to Him

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Eric Braeden

As Eric Braeden celebrates four decades on The Young and the Restless, he looked back on his time on the number-one soap in a chat with Variety

Although initially hesitant about heading to daytime from primetime, Braeden found a kindred spirit in Y&R head honcho Bill Bell. And the work-intensive, dialogue-heavy nature of a soap opera suited Braeden's work ethic. 

Now, he says he wouldn't want to go back to primetime, of which he said, "I think that would bore the s— out of me." According to Braeden, the most dialogue he's ever delivered in a sole day is an astounding 62 pages.  

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Braeden has also bonded with multiple generations of families, becoming a mainstay in households by ruthless Victor Newman for forty years. He added:

You meet families with three or four generations who watch the show. And then you realize why you’re doing it. Beyond the money, you’re doing it to entertain.

Here's to many more years of Victor Newman!