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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Is Not Playing Brad's Reindeer Games on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Chloe Lanier, Parry Shen

Sam's parole officer (Dolores) wants to know why Sam is at the hospital. Sam claims she's sick, but Dolores wants to go into the room where Sam allegedly was with Jason. Epiphany shows up and stops her. Pif says Sam has a right to her medical privacy, so Dolores heads out. 

Epiphany tears a strip off of JaSam and reminds Sam her kids should come first. Sam decides she needs to convince Dolores that Jason is not a threat or else. 

Anna is angry that Finn betrayed her. Finn says she's blind to Peter's truth. Anna says Jason will try to kill Peter. Finn says Anna, deep down, knows Peter is guilty. Anna's upset no one will give Peter the benefit of the doubt. Anna says she has a second chance with Peter and she wants it. 

Valentin interrupts Ava and Nina to tell them he's no longer a Cassadine. He tells Nina he doesn't know who he is anymore. Nina says he's free now and can move on. After Valentin leaves, Ava warns Nina he will go after Jax. 

Willow tells Chase that Lucas asked her back as Wiley's nanny. Chase is worried that Brad will be hard on her. Chase is also worried about Willow's emotional involvement. Willow swears she'll be able to step back when the time comes. 

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Brad joins Nelle and tells her that he and Lucas are moving away with Wiley. Nelle is not happy, but Brad says he's trying to get Wiley away from Willow. Brad also admits he told Lucas the truth and wants to move away so it doesn't trigger his memory.

Jax summons Dustin. He hands him a check for the school because he saved Joss on the pier. Jax wants to know how Joss is doing.

Valentin storms into Jax's office. He has a dangerous daydream before telling Jax he's not a Cassadine, then storms back out. 

Maxie tells Lulu that Spinelli is back in town. She tells Lulu he always interrogates Peter. Peter says he can handle Spinelli. 

Lulu finds out that Valentin isn't a Cassadine thanks to Joss via Jax.

Finn tells Anna he needs to protect Violet and decides to move out of their place. 

Nelle leaves Valentin a message that she's ready to sell her ELQ shares to him.