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Perkie's Observations: Helena Reaches Out From the Great Beyond on General Hospital

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Valentin Cassadine, Helena Cassadine, General Hospital

James Patrick Stuart, Constance Towers

Nina wonders where she stands with Jax. Jax says they work together, which makes things awkward. Nina says she consulted a lawyer and a relationship between them is perfectly legal. Jax asks if she wants to date, but Nina's not sure because of her past. 

Nina wonders why Jax is interested in her. He says he likes being around her and he's not worried about her baggage. Jax says it's her leap to take, so she kisses him. The two head to Jax's place and share champagne and sex. (Apparently, this relationship is happening at warp speed.) 

Valentin sits and stews in the melancholy of not being a Cassadine. Helena appears to him. (Constance Towers looks fantastic as always.) She says Mikkos believed he was Valentin's father. Valentin goes over the facts as he knows them. Helena tricked Mikkos, who left his fortune to Valentin. Once Helena told him the truth, he wrote the codicil, taking the money away from Valentin.

Valentin says he now understands how Charlotte came about. He says it wasn't about having a Cassadine heir from Stavros, but an heir to Helena and Luke. 

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Nelle shows up to tell Chase and Willow about Brad's plans to leave town with Wiley. Willow's annoyed that Nelle is butting in, so Chase tosses her out. Chase and Willow share some cute time together until she gets distracted by the thought of Wiley leaving. 

Brad tells Lucas about the opening at the lab in Portland. Lucas agrees that the timing is perfect and agrees to move. Lucas wants distance from Julian and wants to get back to their little family unit. Sam shows up to visit Lucas and they tell her about the move to Portland. Sam thinks it's a great idea.

Alexis is curious when she sees Neil and Liesl sharing some time at the Metro Court restaurant. Valentin shows up. He's upset, so Alexis reassures him it's a good thing he isn't a crazy Cassadine. 

Sasha and Michael discuss Deception. Nelle interrupts to ask Michael for more money for the ELQ shares. Michael says the shares aren't officially hers until things get settled in probate court. Nelle tells Michael about Brad's move. Michael plays it off, but after she leaves, he admits to Sasha he's upset about Wiley leaving. 

Lucas calls Willow to come by for a chat.