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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Learns About Lucas and Brad, But Has Other Plans for Wiley on General Hospital

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Lisa LoCicero, William deVry, Chloe Lanier

Lisa LoCicero, William deVry, Chloe Lanier

Nina and Jax discuss their relationship the morning after. Jax says he doesn't want to flaunt it and wants to keep things private.

Willow drops by to see Lucas. Willow admits she'll miss Wiley when they move, but wants them to be a family. Willow says she knows she has to say goodbye, but will find it difficult. Lucas says he has a proposition for her. 

Brad tells Julian he and Lucas are moving to Portland. Brad says it will be easier for the three of them to bond as a family. Julian warns he'll keep an eye on them. 

Lulu runs into Valentin and says she knows he's not a Cassadine and figures he can't afford his custody lawyer anymore. Valentin claims he wants what's best for Charlotte and wants them to compromise.

Nelle tells Michael she accepted someone else's offer for the ELQ shares, but refuses name the person. After she leaves, Michael reassures Ned they'll buy the shares back. 

Lulu wants to do a story about the mob hit on the Corinthos family, plus an interview with Brando. She says he's a hero, but Brando is not interested in commenting about it. 

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Dev's worried about Brando being home and tells CarSon he wants to leave. Sonny reassures him that Brando will play along with the story. Dev wants to go to the boarding school they mentioned before. Carly doesn't think it's a good idea to pull him out of high school mid-year. She says they would all miss him. 

Brando arrives and tells CarSon about Lulu's interview. He wants to know all the details about Dev. CarSon explain Dev's part in Turkey. Brando understands Sonny's need to repay the debt. Brando says he wants his life back. Sonny tells him he'll be Dev's father on paper, but there are no strings attached. Brando and Dev agree. 

Chase shows up to ask Michael if he knows more about the mob attack. Michael swears he's not involved in Sonny's business and knows nothing. Michael reminds Chase the Corinthos family didn't start this and don't want anyone else hurt. 

Valentin interrupts Jax and Nina's breakfast to talk to Nina, but she's not interested. He says he'll be waiting for her when she's ready to come back. After he leaves, Nina and Jax discuss their relationship and decide they need to tell HR about it. 

Ned updates Olivia and Brook Lynn that the lawyers have gone over the contract, and there is no crack in it. Ned says Linc turned down their offer and Brook Lynn needs to get a job. Brook Lynn complains to Dustin about being trapped in her contract and how she needs to find a way out of the deal. 

Brad arrives as Lucas is telling Willow they don't want her out of Wiley's life, but want her to be his designated guardian. 

Nelle sells the shares to Valentin in exchange for money, and new identifications for her and Wiley. Nelle overhears Julian tell Olivia that Brucas are moving with Wiley for a fresh start, but Nelle has other plans.