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HBO Max Unleashes Gossip Girl Reboot Pic, But Will Blake Lively Sign On?

Gossip Girl

HBO Max is getting ready to unleash Gossip Girl 2.0 on the world. Eric Eidelstein, a writer for the series, shared a sleek new image for the show on Twitter:

The Cut asked a very good question: In a show all about New York fashionistas donning couture, what in the name of Vogue is a model doing tennis shoes and baggy cargo pants in the pic? Eidelstein promised GG would answer all these inquiries and more:

In other GG news, will Blake Lively (ex-Serena) return to the Upper East Side? Much in the vein of former co-star Penn Badgely (ex-Dan), who recently demurred on the subject, Lively told E! that she isn't currently involved in GG 2.0. She advised fans to ask the producers for more info.

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