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Perkie's Observations: Jordan and Taggert May Be Targets on General Hospital

Briana Nicole Henry, Real Andrews

Briana Nicole Henry, Real Andrews

Carly throws a going away gathering for Brucas. Michael admits to Sasha he'll miss Wiley. Carly and Bobbie tolerate Julian's presence. Sam overhears Nelle making plans to leave. When Sam confronts her, Nelle claims she was making plans to move out of the Quartermaine mansion. 

Anna asks Peter if he was the one who alerted the attorney general about Robert and JaSam working together. Peter admits he did, claiming that Jason hates him and is dangerous. Anna wonders what else he isn't saying. Peter swears he wasn't involved in the attack on Andre and Franco. 

Anna mentions her problems with Finn and Peter puts the blame on Robert. Peter says he finally out from under his father's thumb and is building relationships. He says he would never jeopardize his happiness. 

Curtis seeks out Taggert to get to know him better. Curtis is not happy when Taggert rattles off his drug history. Curtis wants to know why Taggert lied about how long he'd been in town when Jordan introduced them. Taggert says he's here to visit with a former colleague.

TJ's out of the unused closet long enough to ask his mother for her old engagement ring. Jordan's happy he's ready to propose to Molly. (A complete 180 from when he told her a few months ago and she was adamant that they were too young.)

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Jason updates Sonny on the latest delivery from Cyrus. Sonny needs to respond and they can't see it coming. 

Willow babysits Wiley at her apartment. Chase wonders how she feels about the move. Willow says Lucas made her a guardian.

Finn stops by and tells Chase he moved out and left Anna. Finn says it's not safe in her house and he doesn't trust Peter. He doesn't believe Peter is reformed. Finn doesn't want Violet caught in the middle. He says his daughter comes first. 

Molly complains to Sam about a friend's wedding and how much trouble is involved. TJ joins her and has to listen to Molly complain about how marriage doesn't work out. 

Jordan gets a call about an OD on the docks. When she gets there, she recognizes the person and calls Taggert to join her. It turns out the man is a former DEA agent, just like their friend Bob. The four of them were a four member team that busted Cyrus Renault. 

Jordan doesn't understand how anyone could know who they were since they were deep undercover. She wonders how their identities were exposed. Jordan worries that they're next, but Taggert reassures her. 

Nelle shows up at the Corinthos house. Carly says she's not welcome, but Nelle insists on talking to Brad. Nelle asks Brad where Wiley is and he tells her that the baby is at Willow's. After Nelle leaves, Lucas starts to have memory flashes from before the crash. Lucas remembers Brad telling him that Michael and Nelle are the baby's parents.