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Perkie's Observations: Hurricane Carly Is Unleashed on General Hospital

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Brad Cooper, Julian Jerome, Carly Corinthos, Lucas Jones, General Hospital

Parry Shen, William deVry, Laura Wright, Ryan Carnes

Lucas remembers Brad's words in the car and announces to Michael that Wiley is his son. He says Brad told him the baby is actually Jonah. Carly wants everyone out so she can interrogate Brad, but everyone sticks around. 

Brad explains the original Wiley died of SIDS and he was driving around when Nelle showed up with newborn Jonah. Carly yells at Brad about how he inflicted pain on Michael by taking his son. Brad claims it was Nelle's fault and he was grieving. 

Carly tells Michael that his son is alive and he can go get him. (Screw you Lucas apparently.) Michael yells at Brad for causing a lot of pain for people like Willow and Lucas. 

Curtis says Jordan hasn't been herself lately. She blames it on the escalation of violence, but Curtis says she's acting shady and he wants to know why. Curtis says he saw her in Taggert's arms on the pier and believes they were more than partners. Jordan says she can't explain now and asks him to trust her. Curtis storms off to get his own answers. 

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Mac is happy to see Taggert back in town, but wonders if it has anything to do with the mob war against Sonny. Taggert says he's there for personal reasons, but warns Mac that this mob war feels different. 

Trina's happy that Cameron is back from his college tour. They make small talk until Trina brings up Joss, and Cameron's feelings for her. Trina says Joss is starting to move on from Oscar and doesn't want Cameron to miss his chance. Taggert walks in and Trina's thrilled to see "dad". (Kudos to everyone who called that because I'll admit I didn't see it coming.)

Sonny pays Cyrus a visit. Cyrus gloats that Sonny has been complacent, so he's moving in. Sonny says he's aware of Cyrus' shipment on Water Street. Sonny says Cyrus' partners are not going to be happy that his $20 million shipment is gone. Cyrus suddenly wants to negotiate, but Sonny's not interested. 

Jason heads to the warehouse, overtakes Cyrus' men, and blows up the building. 

Willow and Chase hang out with Wiley. Willow apologizes for not checking with Chase before agreeing to be Wiley's designated guardian. Chase says they're in this together. Chase gets a call from Sasha and heads out. 

Nelle gets to Willow's looking for Wiley. The two get into a heated catfight. It ends with Nelle smacking Willow out before heading over to get the baby.