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Perkie's Observations: Jordan's Past Comes to Light on General Hospital

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Brianna Nicole Henry, Jeff Kober

Brianna Nicole Henry, Jeff Kober

Brad realizes he told Nelle that Wiley is with Willow. Chase and Michael head out to find him. Carly decides Brad should be arrested for fraud and kidnapping. Lucas wants to know if Brad told anyone else. (Color me shocked, but Julian wasn't thrown under the bus at this point). Brad insists that only he and Nelle were involved in the baby switch. Lucas still doesn't understand why Brad would do this. Brad declares he did it because Wiley is safer with them than with the Corinthi. 

Jason updates Sonny on how he blew up Renault's shipment. He feels they sent a clear message, but still doesn't understand why Renault suddenly decided to take over Port Charles. Sonny says it's personal for Renault and believes it's about revenge on someone. 

Jordan pays Cyrus a visit. Cyrus brings up how she was his right hand gal and protégé. He explains he made a mistake trusting her since she was really an undercover agent. Jordan says her identity was classified and someone leaked it.

Cyrus claims he allowed four traitors into his organization and they're all expendable. Jordan counters that two of them are dead and accuses him of ordering the hit. 

Cyrus taunts her. He mentions that TJ is a med student and it would be karma to see her town burned down. Jordan believes Cyrus is the one who started the mob war to get back at her and promises he won't get away with it. 

Trina introduces Taggert to Cameron. Taggert makes small talk until he notices Curtis spying in the window. He heads out to confront Curtis. Taggert accuses Curtis of following him and tells him his life is not Curtis' business. Curtis accuses Taggert of creeping around Jordan. Just then, she arrives and breaks things up. 

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Nelle takes 3,456 years to get Wiley ready to go. By the time she leaves, Chase and Michael are there. They say they know the truth about the swap. Nelle lies, like a lying liar, and claims she was in and out consciousness after she gave birth. She says when she came to, she had the dead baby in her arms. Nelle claims she overheard Brad's confession and realized he'd switched the babies. Michael knows she's lying and takes the baby from her.

Chase finds Willow unconscious and takes her to the hospital. Police arrive to arrest Nelle and take her away.

Sonny shows up since Sam called SaSon to let them know what was going on.

Later, Willow comes to the hospital and remembers Nelle's attack. 

Curtis accuses Jordan of lying to him, but she says she's owed his trust because she's his wife. Jordan says she can't talk about her undercover work.

Curtis mentions that Trina is Taggert's daughter and questions if Jordan is her mother. Jordan says she isn't, so Curtis thinks she should give up all her secrets. Taggert arrives and agrees that Curtis should have the all the intel about Jordan. 

Brad is arrested. Lucas says he can't wrap his head around all of this. Julian defends Brad, saying he doesn't condone what he did, but understands it.

Michael suddenly appears with Wiley.