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Perkie's Observations: Chase Eases Willow Into Her Truth on General Hospital

Josh Swickard, Katelyn MacMullen

Josh Swickard, Katelyn MacMullen

Michael tells Lucas to figure out a way to make this work for Wiley. Lucas apologizes, but both Carly and Bobbie say it wasn't his fault. Carly and Bobbie try to comfort Lucas.

Sonny wants to know how Brad pulled this off and why. Michael feels badly for Lucas, though Sasha and Sonny try to convince him to be happy. Michael wonders if it would be better to leave Wiley with Lucas. Sonny disagrees and tells Michael he should claim Wiley to give him his best life.

Taggert explains to Curtis how he and Jordan are in danger, and tells him about the undercover operation with Renault. He relates how two of the four of them are dead, meaning he and Jordan are in danger.  

Curtis wants to bring in Anna. Taggert refuses, so Curtis thinks they're still hiding something from him. Jordan says she went to see Renault and he's after them. After Taggert leaves, Jordan explains how four of them infiltrated Renault's organization. 

Curtis is upset that Jordan didn't tell him any of this. Jordan says she didn't want her undercover work to touch her life with him. Jordan says Renault is a monster who set up a base in their backyard. She's determined to take him down. 

Brad and Nelle hang out together in the PCPD's holding cells. With the guard listening, Nelle lays it on thick that Brad stole her child and left her with a dead one. Brad says he's not taking the blame for what she did, but Nelle keeps her chatter going. Nelle convinces the guard to put Brad in a different cell. 

Willow wakes up in the hospital and remembers Nelle's attack. Chase explains what happened, but Willow refuses to believe it. As Chase unravels the story, Willow begins to accept the truth. Willow complains about Brad. Chase says Brad is weak and let Nelle control him. Willow says she trusted Brad with her son and he let him die. (Great big giant fat kudos to Katelyn MacMullen who was absolutely heartbreaking as Willow.)

Julian tells Ava about Brad's confession and explains about the baby switch. Julian admits he knew about it and is dead if Sonny finds out. Ava wants to know why Julian didn't tell Sonny as soon as he found out. Julian said he wasn't going to take the baby from Lucas. Ava says Brad will eventually tell everyone that Julian knew and he should leave town. Julian says he's not running. Ava says they should intervene before Brad has a chance to give him up. 

A tearful Lucas hands Wiley to Michael.