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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Wants Carly to Let Michael Handle His Own Problems on General Hospital

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Laura Wright, Maurice Benard

Laura Wright, Maurice Benard

Nikolas tells Liz that he's having problems with Spencer, who still hasn't forgiven him. Liz tells him not to give up hope. Nikolas is thankful for Liz's support, but she says she hasn't fully forgiven him either. 

Willow's determined to go to work, but Chase thinks she should stay home and recuperate. Willow says the world doesn't stop because her baby died. Chase wants to help her through this, but Willow wants space. 

Julian stops by to update Brad. He thanks him for not telling Lucas about his part, but Brad says he can still blow Julian's cover. When Brad says he's lost everything, Julian reminds him it's his own fault.

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Brad tells Julian that Nelle is telling anyone who will listen she didn't know the baby was switched. Brad says he won't take the fall for Nelle. Julian says they need to work together in this. He agrees to hire the best lawyer in exchange for his silence so Brad can get released. Brad agrees to the deal, but warns Julian.

Sonny says Brad and Nelle are going to pay for keeping Wiley away from Michael all this time. Carly says she's thrilled for Michael, but sad for Lucas. She blames everything on Nelle and thinks someone has to stop her for good. Sonny says it didn't happen to them and Michael has to decide what to do about Nelle for himself. Carly says they need to make the decision for Michael and get rid of Nelle. Carly says Nelle has beaten the system before.

Monica's surprised when Michael tells her the truth about Wiley, but is thrilled to have another Quartermaine in the family. Jason drops by and reassures Michael he'll be a good father despite his concerns. Michael says he doesn't want Nelle anywhere near Wiley. Jason says she can be dealt with. 

Ava sits for her portrait with Franco. The two discuss Ava's marriage to Nikolas and his connection with Liz. Ava is shocked to hear that Liz and Nikolas once had an affair. Nikolas arrives in time to see them joking around. 

Willow heads to the cemetery to talk to the original Wiley's grave. Willow tearfully apologizes to her baby for being alone when he died. Liz finds her crying and offers her condolences. Liz hugs her and promises Willow that she's not alone. (Holy freeholies, what a fantastic scene. Someone was cutting onions and sweeping up dust around here!)