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Perkie's Observations: Julian Turns to Alexis for Help With Brad on General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn, William deVry

Nancy Lee Grahn, William deVry

Michael tells Jason he'll handle Nelle by playing by the rules. Michael says Nelle is on her way back to prison and he's hired a lawyer to block Nelle from getting to Wiley. Jason warns him that Nelle can get out of anything. Chase drops by to let Michael know they're trying to find evidence to discredit Nelle's story.

Carly pays Nelle a visit while she's in her holding cell. Carly accuses Nelle of using the baby as a weapon. Nelle tries to spin her story, but Carly's not listening. Nelle continues to blame Brad. Carly says both of them will get what they deserve. Nelle keeps up her sob story and Carly threatens Nelle. 

Sam updates Alexis about Wiley. Julian stops by to ask Alexis for a referral for Brad. Sam is not happy saying Julian isn't supporting Lucas. Julian says Nelle is blaming Brad for everything and he believes him. Sam says Brad is as guilty as Nelle. Alexis says they should both be held accountable and Julian should walk away. Julian says he can't so Alexis offers to send him a list of possible attorneys.

Cameron and Trina want Joss to go to the formal dance, but Joss says she wants to spend time with Wiley. Joss is surprised to hear that the other two are going to the dance together. Joss lights up when she hears Dustin will be chaperoning the dance. 

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Olivia complains to Ned that Brook Lynn's not pulling her weight at work. Brook Lynn arrives late and says she wants to record music for herself. Olivia fires her. Ned tells Brook Lynn she needs a job and offers her work at ELQ. Brook Lynn wants him to open her trust fund, but Ned says her free ride is over. 

Brook Lynn runs into Julian and discusses Brucas. Brook Lynn finds it suspicious that Julian was angry with Brad just before Brucas' car accident. Brook Lynn wonders if it all has to do with the baby switch. (Uhm, Brook Lynn can barely find her way out of a paper bag, no way do I believe she's figured out all of this from a brief conversation with Julian three months ago!)

Joss hangs out with Michael and Wiley, and complains about Nelle. Michael tells her they can't have regrets for what they missed out on. Joss admits she's starting to see her way out of the dark.

Alexis tells Sam she'll testify at Neil's hearing. After, they'll have to stay apart for two years. Sam thinks that's crazy and admits she has no plans to stay away from Jason just to make the parole board happy. Sam says they're looking for dirt on her parole officer. Alexis warns her not to make things worse. 

Carly tells Jason she went to see Nelle. Jason says she played right into Nelle's hands. Jason says she has to keep her cool with Nelle.

Nelle spins the same story to Chase and claims to be upset for Willow and her loss. Chase isn't buying what she's selling. Nelle claims she wasn't planning to kidnap Wiley. Chase shows her the fake passports.