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Perkie's Observations: Taggert Runs to Sonny and Jason on General Hospital

Real Andrews

Real Andrews

Liz is not happy when Nikolas shows up at her house. He says he wants to make a donation to the hospital and wants her opinion. Nikolas wants to get back into Liz's good graces, but she reminds him that Hayden is still missing. Nikolas keeps trying, but Liz is not receptive. 

Franco helps Cameron get ready for the dance. Trina shows up as Cameron's date, looking gorgeous. 

Brook Lynn keeps threatening Julian with what she knows of his possible involvement with Brad. Brook Lynn tells him about her problems with the record producer and wants Julian's help in dealing with him. Julian says he's legit now, so Brook Lynn threatens him again. Julian agrees to help. 

Curtis is happy to see Laura released from the hospital. She's ready to get back to work. Jordan stops by to update Laura on the warehouse explosion. Laura knows it was all about Sonny and wonders who's coming after him. Jordan tells Laura about Cyrus Renault. 

Taggert stops by to ask for Sonny's help with their mutual problem. Taggert explains his connection to Cyrus Renault. Taggert claims no one is safe. Jason wants to know if Taggert is asking for their help. Taggert says Renault is bad news and he doesn't want him taking over Port Charles. He asks SaSon to think about helping them. After Taggert leaves, Sonny believes he must be desperate to come to them. 

Ava stops by to see Avery and gets into it with Carly. Carly wants to know how involved Nikolas will be with Avery. Ava defends her relationship. 

Dev tells Joss that he's leaving Port Charles. Joss is not happy and asks Carly if he's leaving because of her. Carly says leaving town is best for Dev. Joss says Dev was there for her after Oscar died and admits she'll miss him. Joss mentions that she's going to the dance, but Carly forbids it for safety's sake. Joss convinces Dev to take her. 

Nikolas and Brook Lynn get reacquainted. Brook Lynn is surprised when he introduces Ava as his wife. Brook Lynn drags Nikolas away to discuss his resurrection and marriage. Brook Lynn offers Nikolas her friendship. 

Ava questions why Julian is involved with Brook Lynn. Julian explains her threats. Ava worries that things won't be good for Julian if he doesn't do whatever Brook Lynn wants. Ava tells Julian she needs Nikolas to cheat so she can get out of her marriage. She says she was going to use Liz to get Nikolas to stray, but thinks Brook Lynn might be a better choice. 

Laura stops by to talk to Sonny. He swears he has nothing to do with the turf war. Laura says she can't look the other way. Laura says Sonny needs to stop this and if he can't, she'll have to do what she needs to do to protect the city. 

Taggert is jumped by two guys. At the hospital, he explains to Jordan what happened. He hands her a syringe that would have been used on him. Jordan wants to hear Taggert's plan. Taggert tells her that he went to Sonny and offered to work with him to take Cyrus down. 

Carly knocks over Dev's backpack and finds a bullet. 

One of the goons who jumped Taggert turns out to be Cameron and Trina's driver.