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Perkie's Observations: Trina and Cameron Find Themselves In Danger on General Hospital

William Lipton, Sydney Mikayla

William Lipton, Sydney Mikayla

Taggert tells Jordan they need to team up with Sonny to take Cyrus down. Jordan refuses. Curtis thinks it's a good idea. He is in for anything that will stop Cyrus. Curtis believes it's the only thing that will keep Jordan alive. 

Sonny and Jason discuss what to do about Cyrus. Jason says they could arrange an accident inside Pentonville. Sonny thinks they should work with Taggert. 

Carly can't finds Joss or Dev at home and realizes they went to the dance, but Brando stops the kids from leaving. Carly confronts Dev about the bullet. Dev swears he doesn't know how it got into his backpack. Brando and Carly believe it's a message for Sonny. 

Franco sends Liz on a scavenger hunt that leads to a gift of art supplies. The two try to get frisky, but Taggert shows up looking for Trina. While he's there, he has time to catch up with Liz. 

Neil runs into TJ and wonders why he hasn't proposed to Molly yet. TJ says things keep getting in the way of him asking. Neil tells him to avoid planning too much and just go for it. 

Molly complains to Alexis about her bridezilla friend and how annoying wedding planning is. After Alexis leaves, TJ joins Molly and she keeps on complaining. TJ proposes to Molly and she turns him down. 

Alexis and Neil run into each other and commiserate about not being able to date for two years. 

Jordan heads over to talk to Sonny and tells him about the attack on Taggert. Sonny says it wasn't his guys. 

Cameron and Trina start to worry when their driver goes in a different direction from the dance. The driver sends a photo to Taggert telling him he has the kids and then pulls a gun. Taggert calls Curtis for help.

Cameron manages to send Liz a text message. Liz calls Jason for help. 

When Sonny gets home, Carly shows him the bullet. Sonny decides Dev shouldn't go away to school. He wants everyone who's close to them to be safe. 

Taggert goes to the meeting spot where Trina and Cameron are being held at gunpoint.