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WATCH: Viral Subway Singer Charlotte Awbery Dives into 'Shallow' on Ellen

When comic Kevin Freshwater walked up to a woman on the London tube and asked her to play "Finish the Lyrics," he surely didn't expect what resulted. Singer Charlotte Awbery ly knew the lyrics to Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's "Shallow," but could belt the heck out of it! The below clip soon went viral. 

Awbery even crossed the pond to visit The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She delivered a stateside rendition of "Shallow" for Ellen DeGeneres. After singing her heart out, Awbery chatted it up with the host, insisting her original response was impromptu. 

The amateur chanteuse told DeGeneres, per Entertainment Weekly:

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I was literally on my way to meet my friend…. I’m absolutely overwhelmed by all of this.

Watch Awbery take the stage, then chat with DeGeneres, below.